Armon the Slayer

The most legendary monster slayer of Aquinus.


Decades ago, Armon was a Grecian soldier defending his lands against the Minotaurs of Kyretiae. In a particularly heroic battle, Armon stood his ground and defeated 27 Minotaurs. Armon quickly realized that he had gained the power of his fallen enemies. He was then powerful enough to fend off an invasion of wild Centaurs in the north. After this, he and a small band of warriors headed into The Northern Reaches. He came back 7 years later with incredible power and a long list of titles bestowed on him by the Dwarves and North Men including, “Hero of the Mountain Halls,” “Grave Digger,” “Wolf Cleaver,” “Troll Foe,” and “Dragons’ Bane.”

When he returned, however, he was not welcomed as the hero he was in the north. The councils of Grecia and Rominnia plotted against him, saying he was too powerful to be trusted. Although he insisted that he monster hunted only to protect the mortals of Aquinus, he was eventually pushed into exile.

Nothing is know of Armon’s fate. His writings continue to provide insight into the outside world, though. His logs of his travels in The Northern Reaches are the only written accounts of their kind.

Armon the Slayer

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